How to set new relationship goals

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When my boyfriend and I first got together, we set ourselves some relationship goals. At the time I was working for a strip club in Soho, and he was working for a male escorts service. After having spent about four months dating, we realised we wanted to be with each other, and we moved into my small one bedroom flat. Our first priority soon became to find more space. It was just too crowded for the two of us. Although I had inherited my flat from my grandma, I knew it was going to be tough to find a reasonably priced flat for two. The first thing I did was to ditch my job, and get a job with of instead.


We sat down and talked about things, and it was clear that we both wanted the same thing out of life. However, we realised that making enough money for a good life for the two of us was going to be hard. Charlie was working like mad for his, and I was trying to make a name for myself at the that I had just joined. In between us, we started to slowly make some inroad into putting some money in the bank, and figuring out what we wanted out of life.


One thing was for sure, we wanted to get out of London. It was just becoming too crowded and it was beginning to get to us. Between dates at, I started dreaming of living on the coast. Although I was a London girl through and through, I felt like London was a place which was becoming increasingly alien to me. Fortunately, my career was going great, and I was finally getting something more out of life. I spoke to my boyfriend about my idea, and he loved. He loved working for his service, but he also felt that he wanted to get out of London.


Getting out of London soon became our first  relationship goal. We kind of put the blinkers on, and started to work and save like mad. Many couples are doing the same thing all over London, but it can be tough to do unless you can bring home a good salary. had come in handy for both of us, and as the bank balance increased, we got more serious about talking about our future plans. What if we kept he flat in London to create an income, and focused on buying something out of London instead?


By this time, we were beginning to look around places outside of London. During a weekend break in Kent, we fell in love with this place called Deal. It was the perfect Kent seaside town, and after a couple of visits on our weekends off from, we decided it was the place for us. We started to look in estate agents window, and to our surprise, we found a cottage that we could afford to buy. Needless to say we were both excited, and two months later, we completed on our cottage. Well, that was our first relationship goal. Now we are going to work for one more year at to put some more money in the bank, and then we are going to set ourselves a new relationship goal. One thing at the time, that is the best way to do it.

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