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A gentleman wrote into the London Escort Guide and asked if Basildon escorts exercise. We thought it would make an interesting topic so we decided to ask a couple of the girls. Do they exercise and what kind of exercises do they do? After all, most of the ladies are very fit and you need to stay fit and healthy when you work as a Basildon escorts of But, how do the girls do it? Are they all gym fanatics or do they enjoy other sports as well. We invited a couple of the hottest Basildon babes into see us here at the London Guide.

Sue from Basildon escorts services says that her favorite exercise is yoga. I do lots of different types of yoga, says Sue. My favorite type of yoga is hot yoga, or as it is also called, Bikram Yoga. It is down in a hot room where the temperature is about 40C. You sweat a lot when you do Bikram yoga so it is really important that you drink plenty of water during the session. A session lasts about 45 minutes and the end of it you feel like you have really worked out. I do Bikram about 4 times per week to keep fit.

Gina who also works for Basildon escorts services is a spinning fanatic, she says. I just can’t stop Spinning. It is just one of those exercise routines that I fell completely in love with and now I can’t stop. it works out your entire body and you feel really good afterwards. At the same time it gives you tons of energy and I like that. This is perhaps why I am so addicted to spinning and just have to do it about five times per week. After each session I am as a high as a kite, that is what spinning does for me.

Salma, one of the hottest Basildon girls, says that she loves walking. I don’t like any type of high impact exercise so I only walk, but then again I have quite a tough walking routine. Each walks consists of different speeds. So I walk fast for ten minutes, slow for five and then fast again. It doesn’t matter to me if it is raining as I have got all of the right clothes. Jogging simply isn’t for me as my boobs are too big and it hurts them.

It seems like all our Basildon escorts have been able to find their own fitness and health routine. It is nice to notice that the girls are really committed to keeping fit and seem to enjoy it as well. Exercise can be really addictive once you get into and of course it gives you bags of energy. Spinning is recognized as a good aerobic exercise which offers low impact fitness, yoga is great for the entire body as it stretches the tendons and walking is one of those allover fitness routines that we should all be doing more of whenever we can.

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