Are you new to dating West Kensington escorts like these girls?



If you are looking to date West Kensington escorts from, there are few things that you need to know. First of all, there isn’t a lot of agencies here in West Kensington and you are much more likely to find independent escorts working in the area. That is okay, but to be honest I am not really into independent escorts, and there are a few good reasons for that.

I have dated independent girls on several occasions but I have always found that I have ended up very disappointed. You pay for a service, but it isn’t the same as dating a girl from an agency.

Experience always seem to be a problem when it comes to independent escorts, and that is true with West Kensington escorts as well. Most independent escorts that I have come across have very little experience, and they may not tell you that. When you read their bios on the websites, it sounds like they have tons of experience but when you actually meet them, they don’t have a clue. Many of them make themselves sound like elite escorts but as a matter of fact, the majority of them are just cheap girls. That is not the sort of girl I would like to date.

A lot of independent escorts don’t service in calls neither. They may look super-hot and seem really great, but if you can’t visit them at their boudoirs, what is the point. I am a married guy so it is more or less impossible for me to enjoy a date with West Kensington escorts unless they have their own boudoirs. Most of the time I end up going into to London to date hot escorts as this suits my needs better. Yes, it costs more money but I get exactly what I want.

Many independent girls also tell lies. I have seen some stunning images of girls online, but when I get there, the girls don’t look anything like that. They like to think that you are desperate but I am 100% prepared to reject an escort who claims that she is 21 years old when she is clearly not. I don’t understand why the local girls feel that they have to do this but it isn’t right. You spend all your time getting there, only to end up with a girl who is nearer 40 years old. How do they think they are going to get away with it?

Fortunately for myself and other local discerning gents, there are now a couple of good quality West Kensington escorts agencies that have opened up. All of the escorts who work for these agencies have been vetted by the bosses or madams, and they offer very high standard of services. The girls have quality boudoirs, and what you see on line is exactly what you get.

In the future I am going to continue to use the local agencies but I will also do some dating in town. I don’t want to lose contact just in case the agencies in West Kensington let me down.

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