There are now finally more and more ladies working as Luton Escorts


The lack of quality Luton Escorts services just to be a big problem in the area, especially when you consider the proximity of Luton to major London airports. Many Luton escorts provide regular outcalls to Gatwick and Heathrow, and this part of the service was becoming harder and harder to maintain.

Finally, bosses at leading Luton escorts agencies went on a recruitment campaign and were able to recruit more escorts to service the area. However, it highlighted a problem which has not only been an issue for Luton escorts agencies of, but has affected many other agencies up and down the country as well. Many young ladies do not see the escorts business as a viable profession, and avoid going into it.

This issue especially applies to English born escorts, and many escorts have been recruited from abroad. Now, visitors to the UK would like to have the pleasure of dating English born escorts and home grown talent, but in the past few years we have seen a dwindling number of English girls willing to become escorts.

The industry is trying to find effective ways to deal with this problem, but it isn’t easy. Some agency bosses prefer to employ foreign talent as they expect to get paid less. But this hardly seems fair, and when I worked in the industry, I am Swedish, this was never the case. I do note that the agency that I worked for still pay the girls the same rate no matter where they come from and I think this is the right way to go about things.

How to recruit English escorts

Many visitors to this area would like to date Luton escorts who are from the UK. The local girls are not very interested, as the agencies in the area do not have a very high standing in the local community. If, agencies need to recruit more English girls, they need to at the same time improve their image.

That means they need to sharpen up their web sites, and actually explain what the business really means. Escorts are not prostitutes but many gentlemen still think they are, and this needs to be firmly addressed. A leading US magazine recently published an article called ” A Day in the Life of an Escort” and I think UK magazines should be encouraged to do the same.

It would not only highlight the recruitment problems within the industry but it would at the same time, explain a bit more about the industry and how it works. Many agencies are tarred by the same brush, and it simply isn’t fair. Many agencies owned by British owners look after their escorts very well, and care for the girls.

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