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A lot of girls at Southall escorts from now work as outcall escorts and that means that they do need to have a place to work out. Most of the girls that I know work from home. The only problem is that you are on standby all of the time, and it can be hard to manage your lifestyle. When I had my own place to work out of, it as sort of easier if you know what I mean. I knew what hours I would have to be there, and that made it easier to fit in other things like going to the gym.


Now that I am at home and waiting for the phone to ring, I am finding it rather a challenge to work for Southall escorts. I still know that I need to keep fit and stuff like that, but it is not so easy any more. Instead of going to the gym, I have had to come up with my own exercise program which I can use it. You are not going to believe this, but includes things like doing the house cleaning. It sounds funny but it is an excellent way to keep fit and I rather enjoy it.


I have during the last couple of months become very house proud. The first ting I do when I get up in the morning is do some exercises in front of the TV. After that I take a shower and start to wait for my Southall escorts mobile to ring. But I don’t sit around waiting like some of the other girls do. Instead I get on with doing the house work making sure that I don’t get too hot and sticky.


One of the best exercises that I do to keep fit for Southall escorts is to do the hoovering. Before I never used to enjoy that but now with my new friend Dyson, I make sure that the place is cleaned all of the time. I spend at least one hour hoovering every day and I do recommend that the other girls at Southall escorts do the same thing. It is surprising how fit hoovering can get you in a short space of time. Not that I like it but I do know that it makes the place look good and it smells nice.


After that I move onto the rest of my household duties. That means that I dust everything in my flat, and water all of the house plants. The only thing that I will not do when I am waiting for my Southall escorts mobile to ring, is to clean the bathroom. It is just too messy and I would end up looking a mess. However, I will do other things like the laundry and ironing. As a side line I have started to take in ironing and it is really paying off. It is one of those things that are easy to do while I wait for that telephone to ring, and earn a little bit of extra cash. If you have a fetish about watching a girl do the house cleaning, you are more than welcome to come around if you like.

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