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During my career with Islington escorts at, I was surprised that the majority of gentlemen I dated, did not look at it that way. Most of them picked an escort on looks and did not bother to read her personal biography. If you would like to enjoy a good date, it is really essential that you do so. How do you know if you are going to get on otherwise?

I always used to keep my profile up to date. Once every six months I handed in new photos to Islington escorts services, and I also updated my written profile on a regular basis. Despite my best efforts, gentlemen did still not take the time to read my profile, and sometimes I ended up dating a gent who was not my type at all, and I was not his type. That meant that I did not normally see him again, and it could be more than a little annoying to be honest.

Like all other escorts at the agency in Islington, I preferred to date regular gentlemen. Most of the other girls at Islington escorts felt the same way, When you get to know someone, you can enjoy a much better date, and it means that you can have more fun together. Fortunately for me, I was pretty good at getting regulars, but at the same time, it could be hard work some time. A lot of gentlemen expected everything to be perfect on the first date but that does not always work out if you know what I mean.

When I left Islington escorts, I noticed that the entire London escort service seemed to be changing a lot. It was becoming a little bit like a fantasy land, and I was not really into some of new dating styles such as duo dating. I think that when you start to bring services like that online, the date may become a little bit less personal. It was not for me at all, I am much more into personal dating, and I don’t think that I would have been very good at duo dating. Escorts for couples is another service which I found it hard to get my head around when I worked for the escort agency in Islington.

Today, I run my own dating service which is based on my dating profile when I first joined Islington escorts. It gives gentlemen a personal service and most of the gents I meet seem to appreciate. Some of the gentlemen I date today have been with me since I first start to escort in London, so they must like. Am I ever going to retire from escorting? I am not so sure about that at all. I rather enjoy it, but if you like, I like to deliver a dating experience which is based on my own terms and idea on how to be a good escort.

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