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I have been discouraged with my job lately. I am starting to realize that I am not going anywhere with my life if I continue working with this company. I have been working here for almost seven years now, and I had just been promoted once. My boss always tells me to be patient, but I am getting frustrated. It’s already been a long time, and I am not going anywhere with my life. I do not want to work here anymore. I decided to quit my job because I feel unappreciated there. I understand that I may not be the best employee but working for that company for many years and still earn a cheat salary is unfair to me. They may think that I deserve to get that treatment, but I do not think so. I will try to look for other jobs that I know I will be happy. But I realized after getting turned down by many companies that I do not have the qualifications to have a decent earning. I have no choice but to start again from the bottom. I accepted a job to clean toilets in a mall, and I hated it, I feel like I am back from where I started. But I am very confident this time. I have a feeling that the future to me is going to be good. It is not possible for me to gain anymore because I am already at the bottom. I forced myself to work and get motivated every day even if I earned a very cheap salary. Then after a month of working hard, my boss promoted me. He said that he liked my attitude and needed people that are always consistent. I was very pleased with my self this is the first time I had been this happy for a while. Even though the promotion did not make my salary get higher. I am still very motivated. I tried every day to be the first man to arrive and the last man to go home I kept this attitude for a year. Then I got promoted to the highest post in the office. It was very refreshing for me because it was the first time in my life that I feel I am now free from all of my financial troubles. With this job, I can pay for my car and credit card debts. It was unreal to me. Now I had more than enough money to book a Cheap London escorts. I always dreamed about booking London escorts but was unable to because I did not have any money back then. I am pleased that now I can book London escorts when I want to that’s for this promotion.

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