Middle-Aged Man With An Escort

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John has always been unhappy in his marriage since his wife gave birth to their last born. He is a mid-aged man who spends most of his time with his long-time friends watching football. It is during such times with friends that they always talked about their sexual desires and experiences. John never had much to say during the conversations because he never got more than his friends said they did.

The pressure of getting better sex than what he was used to started building up. He tried talking to his wife about the subject but she always told him they were too old for that. He even tried to persuade her to go to a sex therapist but she always declined. So, he decided to look for another option.

He stumbled across a website https://charlotteaction.org, offering escort services and decided to try it out. He was attracted to one particular escort and he secretly set a date with her. On that day, he called his wife and told her he was tied up at work and couldn’t make it to come back home. He went ahead and booked a hotel room and waited for his date.

30 minute later after the time they had agreed to meet, he had a knock on the door and when he open, there stood a slim, gorgeous looking model in a long, red dress. He ushered her in and offered her a glass of wine.

The escort knew that this was a man who really wanted some good time since he had an erection the whole time she was there. So, she cut the long chase and approached him on the couch. She drew closer and kissed him to shut him up. He kissed her back and they both stood up to go to the bed. She pushed him to the bed and dropped her dress.

To his surprise, she wasn’t wearing any panties. This made him harder and couldn’t wait to stick his dick inside her. She pulled down all his panties and gave him a blow job. He mourned like a teenager and begged for more. She knew it was time to insert his dick into her already wet pussy. So still in that position, she rode her in a cowgirl position.

He felt the pleasure he so much wanted. After a few more strokes, she turned for a reverse cowgirl. This was too much for John to handle and so he came straight away. They both laughed at each other and started warming up for the second round.

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